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Sustainability Working Group  – Visonettes and Objectives

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Water  Our future water planning will match use to water quality, reduce risk of flooding, improve the quality of landscape setting and amenity, and reduce our reliance on distant sources

To review of all water resources in the neighbourhood, provide opportunities for living machines and green roofs, and create opportunities for new sites for large scale landscape features including water bodies for local water storage, control and treatment

Energy Develop a best fit between the energy demand of the parish and the energy resources of our locality, mitigate the effects of climate change and support community from fuel poverty

Prioritise low energy design, layout, orientation and landscape and seek all opportunities for microgeneration and locally controlled energy generation and develop infrastructure for community distribution of energy and heat

 Materials Create local solutions for waste facilities and energy materials where possible to protect the local environment and economy

Seek the provision of community compost facilities near community growing sites, develop options of using wood waste for heat generation and provide a site for a building if viable, and create low rent workshop options for repair/reuse businesses

Food Access to local food will be increased by increased community links to food and maximised opportunities for local food production as a focus for community health, inclusion, training and employment

Seek the provision of adaptable space for local shops, a regular farmers market in a new village park in Chiddingfold and farm shops in the parish, supporting those already present, maintain our allotment land and plan for a variety of community growing projects within easy walking distance from the centre of the settlement, and secure community supported agriculture sites with local landowners

 Biodiversity Provide habitat enhancement at a Parish scale and habitat re-creation for neighbourhoods whenever there is a significant development or renewal project, connecting local wildlife areas to each other, the countryside and creating walking and cycling links with us

Plan for resource interventions for wildlife across the Parish and through spatial design provide a network of sites and nodes managed for wildlife located in easy walking and cycling distance of main residential neighbourhoods

Public Realm and Open Space  Accessible, high quality areas of green space and public realm will support the life of the village, encourage more sustainable habits by local residents and promote respect for our home from drivers

Redefine the settlement boundary to promote and create a new village centre that is more accessible to a greater number of Chiddingfold residents multifunctional village neighbourhood space for daily community life and allow recreation activities and social interaction amongst all age groups

Leisure and Recreation facilities There will be a range of quality play opportunities and environments conducive to informal recreation within and close to the home place and a range of outdoor playing facilities that encourages social interaction amongst all age groups, genders and communities within the neighbourhood and Parish

Redesign our existing open and green spaces to create an interlinked network of informal and formal spaces and facilities that provides a diverse range of activities to encourage good levels of use and maintain a sense of security by being close and well connected to living areas

Lifestyle, culture and community

Create more spaces for lifestyle facilities to boost the local economy and reduce car use

Identify spaces within the main village environment and deliver infrastructure so that they can become adaptable community spaces for outdoor get togethers, classes and cultural activities including the arts and alternative health and fitness

 Character and Social needs Protect, conserve and enhance our heritage assets and spaces or views we cherish and use high quality design to deliver more local distinctiveness

Deliver more quality public realm across the parish using location specific design and materials as opposed to bulk standard highway design or materials

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