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Local shops are in danger

People’s shopping habits have changed and a diminishing number are using our local shops. 80% of the butcher’s trade is from outside the village. What should the other shops stock and sell and how can we encourage greater use? Local post office is in danger. Maintaining a post office permanently in the village means it has to be part of a financially viable business. Should the Post Office move to another location or should we fight to save it with a viable business plan? Are there other types of shop we could support? Local produce like we had at the Winterton? An Arts & Crafts outlet / co-operative to support the many local artists and craft people? A weekly market?

Industrial units are edges of Parish (Fisher Lane / Combe Lane)

We have no business premises in the centre of the village to speak of. Shortage of sites for office / atelier units / workshops. Is there a demand for them? Should we use land in the centre to address this? Are there other sites?

Chidd to be a destination?

Do we want Chiddingfold to be more of a tourist destination? Cycle routes? Other shops? Cafes? People already visit the church, the pubs, the butcher, go for walks, pass through on bicycles. How can we make the most of this? Do we want to?

Encourage more employment in the parish for locals

Do we want to be a dormitory village or should we try to create more local jobs? What sort of forum is there in the village for employers to find employees? What sort of forum is there for businesses to find other businesses? Ditto for local residents to find local businesses? Do we know how many businesses there are in the parish? There’s web designers, solicitors, potters, upholsterers, florists, artists, photographers, accountants, builders, kitchen designers, joiners, caterers, musicians, tree surgeons, gardeners, taxis,  – what else?


Employment and Local Services

How can we attract new businesses to the village – do we want to?

Related to this, is there a need for extra commercial units? If so, then what kind and where should it be located?

How can we provide for the needs of our existing businesses?

Are there needs for people working from home that the NP can address?

How can we ensure our shops can thrive?

How can we create more jobs in the neighbourhood?Could we reinstate a weekly or fortnightly market – what research do we need to do before we start?





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