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Presentation and Notes from 27 January 2015

  • NPC 270115 Housing , heritage & design Visionette
  • NPC270115 InfraWellbeing
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  • Summary: Richard Hogsflesh spoke for just a few minutes:
  • The elephant in the room is housing. We heard about the village boundary (the Map – see below – dated April 2002 was discussed) and most people agreed that the boundaries could be improved by joining up the two parts of the village and slightly extending the boundary to allow small developments in gardens at the edges of the village. Most at the meeting also believe that developments should be ‘in keeping’ with the local style – The Oaks development adjacent to the village hall is an example. There is plenty of detail to be discussed, and the Neighbourhood Plan should try to provide a broad framework that can remain valid for 10-15 years which can be used to evaluate each proposal… and guide the process with Chiddingfold PC and Waverley BC.
  • Infrastructure is such a broad topic. We heard about a safe crossing for the A283 at The Crown, with a central refuge, and although this is already in the pipeline, more measures can be included in the Neighbourhood Plan to prioritise the things that we, the residents of Chiddingfold would like to see for the future. But we need to gather evidence and produce data and maps to back up the plan. Click Here for dates of events.

npChidd261114 TF Settlement Boundaries

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